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RabbitMQ Consulting Services

The Standard for Enterprise Messaging

Over the last few years RabbitMQ has become the most popular, fully featured, Enterprise Messaging system there is, and for good reason. Based on the AMQP open standard, Rabbit provides a rich feature-set which, until recently, was only available to organisations able to afford correspondingly rich licence fees.rabbitmqlogonostrap

Rabbit comes with an open source license and is free to download and even customise, although it’s been built with a plug-in architecture so that customization is rarely necessary.

While Rabbit was developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, there are a whole suite of use cases that, although complex, can bring significant enhancements to the robustness and performance of applications and distributed systems. LShift have extensive experience helping organizations implement RabbitMQ in demanding environments and we can probably help smooth your path through your implementation.

Since Rabbit was acquired by VMware/EMC, you have the added assurance of a long-term commitment to ongoing support and improvements of the core product.


LShift were the original authors of RabbitMQ and developed it to improve the standardization of messaging across our clients’ systems. This grew as an extension of our client work developing and integrating software across many different industries and technologies. The core product is now maintained and developed by the VMware/EMC team and our RabbitMQ focus has now turned to the design and build of organizations that are using it in their own, perhaps non-standard, ways.

We’ve completed many different types of projects using Rabbit; from design and proof-of-concept through to international deployments with some of the world’s largest companies.

LShift’s engineers are focused on working directly with clients. All our developers have skills across many programming languages and can deliver complete projects to speed up your delivery cycle, or work with your team adding capabilities
in this specialist area.

RabbitMQ Bigwig

LShift also manage the operation of RabbitMQ as a service in the cloud as an add-on to a number of PaaS environments:

You can use these environments to gain the benefits Rabbit can bring to your architecture without having to install and maintain RabbitMQ yourself and there is free tier on each for you to use as a sandbox before going into production.

More on what RabbitMQ can do for you and more on how to use Bigwig.

Consulting Engagements

PoC: LShift’s expertise helps your organization to produce rapid Proof-of-Concepts with cloud-based, or with your own deployed Rabbit. Your developers will interact with LShift’s engineers directly and managers can get insight into how best to leverage Rabbit and how to support it.

Production: We can help you get your RabbitMQ project into production as quickly as possible.  Our team can help you deal with the planning and implementation of security, high-availability/clustering and deployment. We can work within many project management approaches and so help you accelerate delivery with all the necessary controls.

Support: LShift has a wide range of support options and patterns available. We offer and tailor our programmes to your needs and reduce support overhead by ensuring that consistent and meaningful knowledge transfer occurs throughout the project.


For an informal discussion call Keith or Mike on: 020 7749 7749 or send us a message.

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