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Open Standards

LShift uses open standards wherever possible as we believe this to be the best way to ensure the stability and integrity of code, as well as providing the best guarantee of interoperability with other systems and maintainability of client systems in future.

Open Standards are software specifications which are non-proprietory and those open to improved implementation by numerous vendors (both now and in future).


  • Availability: Open Standards are available for all to read and implement.
  • Maximize End-User Choice: Open standards do not lock the customer in to a particular vendor or group.
  • Excellence Through Competition: Open Standards create a fair, competitive market for implementations of the standard. This encourages the development of improved implementations of the standard.
  • No Royalty: Open Standards are free for all to implement, with no royalty or fee.
  • No Discrimination: Open Standards and the organisations that administer them do not favour one implementor over another for any reason other than the technical standards compliance of a vendor’s implementation.
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