technology from back to front


The traditional or waterfall methodology is the most universally known and understood of methodologies. We find it is most suitable for projects where the requirements are clearly stated and static or where it helps to have a rigid management structure.


Business requirements are identified, success measures documented, and cost and benefit analysis conducted to secure funding for the project. A Vision Scope document will summarise findings.


High-Level functional specifications will examine the primary deliverables of the project and typically this will include a summary of how the business requirements identified in the previous phase will be met.


Technical specifications created during this phase can be produced in two stages according to the nature of the project. Initially this phase will examine what technically needs to occur within the project and does not initially try to answer how it will be solved. Planners will then identify the technical designs, which show ‘how’ the technical work will be accomplished. We will also then finalise plans regarding ‘who, when, and for how long’ they will do the work which will be summarised in the Technical Specification.


During development we finally construct and build from our detailed plans created in previous phases. Unit level testing is conducted during this phase as well.

In-house Testing

The developer validates their work with unit or subsystem testing. The development team passes this work onto the technical testing team for separate system testing.

Beta Testing

User acceptance testing validates that the business requirements have been met. Integration testing validates system compatibility with the production environment and other system interactions. Related documentation is concluded within this phase.


Beta testing is continued with predefined user champions in the production environment. This can be followed with a series of pilot tests in production where the number of users increases at a controlled rate. Final production implementation concludes deployment.

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