technology from back to front

Our Practices

LShift is fundamentally different to almost all other software services companies in
our pursuit of the perfect fit between the technology and the business case. Our approach
influences everything we do throughout the project lifecycle.

We have established what we feel is the optimum operational style to produce the highest quality technology, which involves technical independence, collaborative working and highly skilled developers.

We have placed increased importance on Project Management in the way we work, not by hiring scores of project managers, but by absorbing the discipline into the day to day practises of every developer. Our developers are not only trained in project management, they have practical experience producing systems in multiple platforms and technologies.

On beginning a new engagement we will focus on the key business and technical success criteria that will shape the project plan. Project technologies are then chosen to fit. We believe it’s crucial that our technology does not constrain the system as there are invariably legacy systems or management considerations that bear on the technologies decision, but is flexible and efficient. We have accordingly built capabilities that lean towards ‘Agile’ development methods and that stretch across multiple programming paradigms.

Most of the software we deliver we describe as ‘interstitial’ in that it sits between various elements of a system and is the glue which binds them together. We will typically create a customised implementation for a client which incorporates a number of elements integrated to form a cohesive system. The constituent applications will often require customisation, but the innovation in the solution is often found through our creative architectural approach and our integration skill.

If you like, our generalism is our specialism.

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