technology from back to front

The working environment

All tech companies claim to provide a perfect work environment for developers. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and we think we’ve created an environment which is pleasant to work in, and where our staff can do great work. Here’s why:


Developers at LShift are first-class citizens, whom the rest of the company is organised around. What this means in practice is that our software engineers enjoy direct contact with the client, with whom they determine the business requirements and arrive at a technical solution. We have been an agile shop since the very beginning of our existence. If you cut us in half, it would say Agile down the middle, like a stick of rock.


Unlike many other companies, LShift has no set menu of technologies from which a solution will be picked. The lead developer on a project comes up with a solution, which he or she then discusses with the rest of the technical team. The goal is to come up with the best solution, not to push any product or technology. In the past LShift has been ahead of the curve in its use of technologies like Erlang. We write frameworks and tools to support our work and open-source them for the world’s benefit.

The office

We’ve been based in Shoreditch since before Silicon Roundabout or Tech City were dreamed of. Surrounded by an ever changing selection of cafes, restaurants and bars our office has everything you might expect: fast machines, good chairs, good coffee, a well-stocked fridge, couches and a shower. There’s also the opportunity for flexibility around working hours and location. We won’t nanny you, but will do everything we can to foster an open, creative and collaborative culture.


The goal of starting LShift was to create a developer-led company which would do excellent technical work and be a fun place to work. A recurring theme when we talk to developers is that this is the best place they have worked. We prize our company’s culture which prizes individuality and independence in our staff.

Pay and benefits

Our salaries are supplemented by performance related bonuses. We’re small enough to make this fair. People are really rewarded for their contributions. Staff are also supported with pension and health insurance schemes. We also offer help with child care costs, and commuting to work via bike or public transport.

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