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Graduates and Interns


We welcome applications from exceptional graduates. We do not have a separate graduate role and expect all our technical staff to be prepared to take on the Lead Developer regardless of experience. The requirements are therefore the same as our normal recruitment standards, although we obviously do not expect much exposure to the full project life-cycle.


We also run an internship programme, taking one or two students each year for four to six months. The experience inevitably varies as we work with a wide range of languages and industry sectors, but we ensure that during their time at LShift every intern:

  • works directly on at least one client project
  • works with at least two languages
  • gets exposure to other parts of the Software Development Life-cycle

Interns can also sometimes lead internal projects depending on the nature of the work and their skills and experience.

We expect our interns to play a full part in projects and so our requirements for interns are similar to our full-time staff:

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity
  • Experience with different programming paradigms (definitely OO, at least one of functional or declarative)
  • Familiar with several programming languages
  • Unix and/or Windows skills
  • Availability for at least 4 months, ideally 6

LShift pay competitive salaries to all interns.

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