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We never recruit for a particular technical role, but always look for broad and deep skills and experience, for people familiar with a broad range of operating environments and programming languages, combined with a high level of software engineering expertise.


The priority is to recruit great coders, with or without formal qualifications. Applications from school drop-outs, graduates and interns and PhD’s will all be welcomed. The key requirement is that applicants can demonstrate impressive technical work and reasonable social and leadership skills.


A good candidate will have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, complexity
  • Experience with different programming paradigms (definitely OO, at least one of functional or declarative, and any others a bonus!)
  • Versed in several programming languages
  • Experience of all stages in the project life-cycle
  • Architectural skills
  • Good Unix or Windows skills (and willingness to learn the other)
  • Experience of leading projects
  • Experience of client interaction

Other characteristics we expect:

  • You care about technology
  • You know what makes projects succeed
  • You have a pretty good idea how to stop them failing ;-)

Shifties are all required to act as client-facing Lead Developers, managing all technical aspects of a project from its inception through to delivery. This has led to an ethos of using the right tool for the job which is reflected in the range of technologies we use; we have built projects that are deployed on Unix, Windows, Android & iOS, and have used C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, F#, Scheme, Erlang, Clojure, Typescript and Coffeescript in production.

Next: graduates and interns.

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