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Vodafone Rapid Prototyping: Media and Communications

This project was a joint initiative between Vodafone and Microsoft. It is a security framework that combines Internet and mobile technologies that span many areas, ranging from a .NET based client with hardware security token and an XML-based security protocol through to backend messaging platforms.


LShift was brought in by Vodafone to build a prototype implementation based on a draft version of the protocol specification. The aim was to prove the concept fully end-to-end and to assess the draft protocol and underlying technologies for future production use.

In addition to Microsoft and Vodafone, LShift was required to work with an Over The Air (OTA) server supplier (SmartTrust) and a SIM supplier (Axalto). LShift was also responsible for working with all suppliers closely during the design phase before integrating the components.

The prototype developed achieved all objectives and was delivered in time and within budget. Subsequently LShift has been engaged to further refine the underlying protocol and architecture prior to Vodafone launching products based upon the framework.

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