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Many organisations invest heavily in their brand only to have that investment squandered when the process of linking content to professionally designed templates is either onerous, broken or, most commonly, forgotten about.


Typesetr reflects a notion that form and content remain separate up to and only when the user needs them to cohere. The choice of an appropriate template (or output target) for a document is as simple as saving it. And because Typesetr allows a content creator or editor to continuously preview their work against a beautifully designed template there is a high level of confidence that final results will match expectations.

Over time we hope that Typesetr will act as a showcase (via its selection of templates) for graphic, book and type designers.

Open Access Publishing

Typesetr has broken out into the wild with several projects underway in the academic publishing milieu.

LShift has recently integrated Zotero (the leading open source citation and bibliographic support service) with Typesetr and we are extremely proud to have had Typesetr chosen as the central research platform for the EU's open access publishing initiative at Leuphana University, Hamburg.

Along with the Leuphana team, LShift is working with several leading open access publishers to extend Typesetr’s features. The mid-term roadmap will incorporate other storage and collaborative editing providers along with support for more output formats and template creation methods.

Please get in touch if you’d like to take Typesetr for a spin or to set up an informal discussion as to whether its for your publishing challenges.

Tech Inventory:

At the moment, Typesetr uses Google docs for document storage, editing, authentication, Zotero for bibliography storage and management

Its web front end is built on ruby on rails (plus some coffeescript and javascript, pdf preview via pdf.js) and the back end (conversion, structural clean-up and semantification, typesetting) is built with Python. PDF’s are created with LaTeX.

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