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In 2006 we were asked by the Charted Insurance Insititute to add an ecommerce layer to their existing website, fulfilment and customer support systems. The brief soon expanded and today LShift are a proven and trusted partner advising on many levels of the business.

The original project we were commissioned for had a tight budget and deadline. We delivered within those constraints and soon, in collaboration with design and user experience specialists Wilson Fletcher, we fulfilled an extended brief to build a whole new website communicating with their AS400 membership and course management system. We have since integrated Umbraco, an open source CMS and converted the site to work with iMiS the latest backoffice CRM tool.

Meanwhile, CII's membership continues to grow and more of its core services are being offered online. We have been working closely with internal develoment teams, and other consultants and partners, to build sites, tools, web services for many subsidiary and partner services.

As a trusted technical partner, LShift is currently advising many areas of the business. We are leading the effort to ensure that the strategic migration away from the AS400 system toward .NET meets the organisation’s critical performance and scalability requirements.


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