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Print on Demand packaging designer for Lucky Strike

In order to enhance the marketing support to their trade sales team, BAT (British American Tobacco) commissioned a multimedia application which enables their trade sales managers to visit key account locations and create custom-designed cigarette packs for the Lucky Strike brand.


To design and build an application whereby BAT's sales managers select the most fashionable bars and clubs and sit down with the proprietors to create a personalised design for their own version of the Lucky Strike pack.

Each sales representative has the pack design application pre-installed on their laptop. The interface presents a number of design choices that can be made, including wrapping images from a library of background images around the pack. They can select iconography and add custom text to the pack so that the club can promote its own website, for example.

Once a new design has been created, the sales manager synchronises the client application. The design they have created is copied up to the administration management website, where they can specify production quantities and place their orders. The server also contains a workflow management system to control the order as it moves through approval and scheduling to final production.

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