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Mobile education game for CTAD

LShift developed for Cambridge Training and Development (CTAD) a system called the ‘Media Board’, for a pilot study aimed at helping children with learning disabilities use technology to improve their learning experience and learning abilities.


Together we designed a Mobile and Web-based learning system based on a game where a tutor sets up a treasure hunt and players of the game (the students) then follow, uploading media (pictures, text, audio) on the way from their internet phones. During the upload, the media can be associated with a location on the game map. Thus 'beacons' are created on the map that signify an uploaded asset and are clicked to view. The system can be used in a number of ways to create trails, treasure hunts or similar games.

The young adults who have been involved in the trials were:

  • not in education or training
  • unemployed
  • mobile
  • in casual, temporary, or self employment
  • in low-paid/low-skill employment, or
  • have literacy or numeracy development needs

Initial activity focused on investigating this dynamic audience. We are continuously watching and updating our research according to the technologies that emerge for use as mobile-learning delivery vehicles.


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