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Application Development for Barclays Business Manager

The brief for the BBM product grew out of close and long-standing working relationship between Barclays Clearlybusiness and LShift.


Clearlybusiness's objective was to provide useful services to Barclays' small business customers and deliver valuable software support products to small businesses. Out of these goals emerged Barclays Business Manager (BBM), a suite of applications which offer a range of business management tools to companies on a subscription basis for single or multiple user installations.

BBM comprises a suite of market-leading desktop and online software applications managed via a subscription model, through which the customer only pays for the applications they use over a given period, leading to substantial savings.

This product needed to be developed at a very fast pace. We started planning with little more than six months to go before the first delivery date. The deadline was clear long before the detailed functional requirements were settled, so an agile development approach was required. We used the DSDM framework for managing the project, prioritising the requirements in order of relative business benefit and breaking down design and development into manageable chunks which made us confident that we could deliver to the tight schedule.

This product has been a commercial and critical success – with thousands of core licences now being used. PCPlus tested it and gave it their Editor’s Choice award. Customers appreciate the way the rental model helps them run a professional business from day one without a large initial outlay. The model also allows them to keep things simple at first, but leaves them the option to move to more sophisticated versions of software when required.

Over various releases the suite has included the following:

  • Sage Line 50
  • Sage Payroll
  • Sage ACT! for Sage Line 50
  • Intuit Quickbooks Pro
  • Intuit Customer Manager
  • Mindleaders Software Skills
  • Mindleaders Business Skills
  • Mindleaders Business Skills Videos
  • Palo Alto Marketing Plan Pro
  • Palo Alto Business Plan Pro
  • BePro Staff and Heath and Safety online tools


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