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You should consider using SSH-based Configuration Management

[Forget Puppet or Chef]:
[Puppet]: “What is Puppet? PuppetLabs page”
[Chef]: “Chef home page”
[Chef Solo]:
[CfEngine 3]: “CfEngine home page”
[Ansible]: “Ansible home page (GitHub)”
[Origins of Triumvariate]: “Origins of Cfengine, Chef and Puppet”
[Puppet is not CfEngine]:
[Sous Chef]:
[Sprinkle SlideDeck]:

At the first mention of configuration management (CM), everybody and their dog
(and links on their respective blog posts!) will direct you to one of what I
take the liberty of calling ‘The CM Triumvariate’: [Puppet][], [Chef][] and
[CfEngine 3][]. But I reckon the interwebs is presenting a skewed view and hides
from you some real, useful alternatives.

> “Pfft.”

You say.

> “Alternatives?! With a gazillion resource types, cloud
> integration, and promise theory readily available, what else could you you possibly
> want to manage your thousand server infrastructure with?”

If I may reply with a question, can a developer use any of them, say, to provision a bunch of remote hosts
directly from his developer machine without installing any additional software?

> “…”

you say.

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