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RabbitMQ-shovel: Message Relocation Equipment

In several applications, it’s very useful to be able to take messages out of one RabbitMQ broker, and insert them into another. Many people on our mailing list have being asking for such a shovel, and we’ve recently been able to devote some time to writing one. This takes the form of a plugin for Rabbit, and whilst it hasn’t been through QA just yet, we’re announcing it so people who would like to play and even suggest further features for inclusion can do so sooner rather than later.

The shovel is written on top of the Erlang client. It supports both direct and network connections to nodes, SSL support, the ability to declare resources on nodes it connects to, basic round-robinrabbit balancing of both source and destination nodes, and allows you to configure many parameters controlling how messages are consumed from the source, and how they’re published to the destination. Multiple shovels can be specified, their statuses queried, and shovels can repeatedly reconnect to nodes in the event of failure.

The plugin is available from, and is released under the MPL v1.1. There is a README included which contains full documentation. This is replicated below. Read more…






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