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Freedom From Torture

The Foundation had most familiarity with and wanted to use Microsoft technologies. Security and user authentication was already managed across the organisation using Microsoft’s Active Directory. The ‘Daylight’ applications would use Microsoft .Net and SQL Server technologies throughout. LShift went on to propose using Microsoft’s (then recently released) ASP.NET MVC 2 to build the applications for ‘Daylight’. MVC 2 is a quasi-open source framework, insofar as the source code is available for inspection, with the caveat that any modifications to MVC’s source cannot be redistributed to clients. The lack of official documentation of this new technology did pose some challenges, as did some unexpected areas of complexity that had to be worked around. Selenium and nUnit were employed for testing during development, backed up by a customised tool, written in C#, that managed database states.

Given that there were empowered decision makers on the client side with clearly prioritised requirements, the project was a great fit for LShift’s preferred agile project management method: DSDM.

LShift continues to work with the Foundation to add new features to the system.


Downloading files with WebDriver

We have been using WebDriver (/Selenium) for doing functional testing of web applications. I have personally been involved in using WebDriver on .NET to automate testing of several .NET web applications. But in my spare time, I’ve discovered another use for WebDriver, which is automating interactions with websites.

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