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Being Shifty with Minecraft (part 1) Haskell stubbing for fun and profit

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A lightning quick recap haiku.

In the midst of sky
Unfamiliar blocks shroud the sun
The world is saved.

The last part sounds ominous and heroic. I like it.

Talking about Minecraft Regions

Go into the game, generate a world with a random seed, walk around for a bit, and then quit. Here’s what you might see gets produced in your Minecraft saved games directory (I called my world ‘testworld’).

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Being Shifty with Minecraft – Blue Sky Thinking

LShift logo floating in mid-air

After spending a bit over three months at LShift, I am proud to leave LShift’s mark in the Minecraft Universe.

Frolicking over Minecraft’s cubic pastures and passing by interesting arrangements of hovering dirt blocks suspended in mid-air is all in a Minecrafter’s day’s work. But if you ever see light-blue wool blocks hanging around in the air, you can be sure that someone’s been . . . Shifty . . .

The ones you see in the picture above, in fact, have been put into the Minecraft world by a tool I wrote in Haskell. In this multi-part series, I want to share with you how I did it.

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