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Forces bolstered

After an intense drive to recruit over the last year we are proud to welcome a number of new staff. They bring a wealth of experience and talent.

Guy Strelitz fills the Programme Manager role. Joining the Lead Developers are Alex Thomas, Panos Katsaroumpas, Ash Hewson, Sam Carr, Robin Green and Shaun Tehari.

We are equally excited to see the very welcome return of one of the key members of the RabbitMQ development team: David Wragg, who first joined LShift in 2007.


Typesetr at the Frankfurt Book Fair

LShift and its partners from the Leuphana Inkubator (University of Hamburg) presented Typesetr(™) to a packed session at this year’s Frankfurt Bookfair during the “The Future of Higher Education and Academic Publishing” seminar.

Typesetr had just undergone a complete UI refresh and integration with the Zotero citation and bibliography service before the show and so attracted a great deal of interest. Typesetr is going to be used as the semantic editing and document transform platform for the EU’s principal research initiative for Open Access publishing infrastructure over the next three years.

The academic version of Typesetr shown to conference delegates enables students, researchers and academic departments to collaboratively create, edit, transform and enrich complex documents whether they be intended for book, journal, monograph or digital distribution formats. An intermediate representation of a highly structured document is maintained such that switching between different output targets doesn’t affect the original’s structure or metadata or compromise the design and specification of the desired output format.

Along with Zotero integration, support for some of the world’s leading Open Access academic publishers is next up for Typesetr’s development road map. If you’d like more information, or to join the Typesetr closed beta program then contact us


Putting RabbitMQ in the cloud

Bigwig is now available on Heroku.

It’s been a big week for Bigwig! We’re now live on Heroku with plans ranging from a no-cost testing tier through to production-ready services. The Bigwig add-on is powered by the open source RabbitMQ broker and comes with a slew of advantages for developers and organisations:

  • Scale your applications

    Using a message broker is a great way to decouple your applications to help them scale, to cope with peaks of activity, or as a central integration technology.

  • Open standards, open source

    Bigwig is powered by the open source RabbitMQ broker. It is it is the leading implementation of AMQP, the open standard for business messaging.

  • RabbitMQ Integrate almost anything, anywhere

    RabbitMQ was built from the ground up to interoperate with other technologies: it supports numerous platforms allowing you to connect a wide variety of applications. RabbitMQ Bigwig puts this flexibility in the cloud, connecting applications anywhere on the Internet.

  • Putting developers in control

    RabbitMQ allows you to implement a huge variety of messaging patterns, and with the AMQP model, it is you who controls the broker.

  • Quick and easy

    Getting started with Bigwig takes minutes, and there are guides to getting started with RabbitMQ for many platforms.

You can start using Bigwig here.


LShift presents at Royal Academy

LShift presented one of its research projects to an audience at the Royal Academy last month.

“Typesetr” goes straight to the root of the problem of automating the process of converting raw copy to carefully crafted templates and out to production-ready print PDFs. Ingesting multiple input file types (from Google Docs to Microsoft Word) the system allows users to apply rich templates and add complex metadata for the intended platforms (PDF, e-book, mobi and more).

The RA event was hosted by the Technology Strategy Board and several organisations who had participated in its grant awards (including LShift) presented the results of their work in the “Increasing the Value of Metadata” stream.

LShift’s Keith Fisher presented and joined a panel Q&A session where several representatives from academic institutions were keen to know more about Typesetr’s applicability to and use within the academic publishing sphere. Let’s just say, “More to follow…”


LShift hosts San Sebastián

LShift was delighted to host a sizeable delegation of tech companies from the Basque region recently. The Economic Development Agency for the city of San Sebastián brought representatives from 22 companies to spend a day discussing a variety of issues and (with expert simultaneous translators on hand) pose a wide range of questions from how LShift was founded to how it sustains and develops its lead developer model.

Our visitors represented a range of company types, from small startups through to the region’s largest media concern. The overarching theme of the discussions was how LShift managed to break down the intermediate layers of management, communications and control in large project deliveries and put senior developers into project leadership positions.

There was, admittedly, a healthy dose of scepticism as we presented our model in the abstract. It was when we covered our project portfolios in specific detail that we attained that ‘a ha’ moment and went off for a fantastic evening’s meal and more conversation.

LShift will be strengthening its relationship with San Sebastián this year as we complete a search for interns to come on board for the summer.


Software auditors for Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s asked us to take a look at the security design of a new gaming business that they had been asked to underwrite – this start-up has an interesting gaming model which has insured the payout of all wins over a certain value. For Lloyds, the maths works, but only if the software actually does what it should.

Topjack Games MD talks about how the business works.


London Hacker News Meetup 27th June 2012

It’s that time again – Hacker news is on tonight and you should go!

As ever there should be some interesting talks, interesting folks to meet and free beer and pizza – LShift is sponsoring once again.

The evening starts at 6.30pm, at Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, in Shoreditch.

Come and say hello.


London Hacker News Meetup 25th May 2012

LShift will be sponsoring a fifth Hacker News monthly meetup event.

The evening, a Friday, for a change will, start at 6.30pm, at Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, in Shoreditch.

We’ll be there again sporting red t-shirts and look forward to meeting more potential partners, clients and employees.


London Hacker News Meetup 26th April 2012

LShift will be sponsoring a fourth Hacker News monthly meetup event.

The evening will, as usual, start at 6.30pm, at Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, in Shoreditch.

We’ll be there again sporting red t-shirts. Come and say hello.


Project Daylight hits the news

The case management system developed by LShift for human rights charity Freedom from Torture, has been featured in Computer World Uk.

Work on the system started in December 2010. LShift was challenged to build a system that allowed the charity to be self-sufficient in building up client care information in an iterative, non-linear fashion, allowing incomplete data to be saved and updated over time and creating a system that they could host themselves and through which they could generate their own ad hoc reports. No existing CRM system was flexible or open enough to meet these challenges.

The system went live in May 2011, and new phases of work are in the pipeline. Freedom from Torture is inviting third parties interested in using the softwareto get in touch and help shape future development.




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