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Putting RabbitMQ in the cloud

Bigwig is now available on Heroku.

It’s been a big week for Bigwig! We’re now live on Heroku with plans ranging from a no-cost testing tier through to production-ready services. The Bigwig add-on is powered by the open source RabbitMQ broker and comes with a slew of advantages for developers and organisations:

  • Scale your applications

    Using a message broker is a great way to decouple your applications to help them scale, to cope with peaks of activity, or as a central integration technology.

  • Open standards, open source

    Bigwig is powered by the open source RabbitMQ broker. It is it is the leading implementation of AMQP, the open standard for business messaging.

  • RabbitMQ Integrate almost anything, anywhere

    RabbitMQ was built from the ground up to interoperate with other technologies: it supports numerous platforms allowing you to connect a wide variety of applications. RabbitMQ Bigwig puts this flexibility in the cloud, connecting applications anywhere on the Internet.

  • Putting developers in control

    RabbitMQ allows you to implement a huge variety of messaging patterns, and with the AMQP model, it is you who controls the broker.

  • Quick and easy

    Getting started with Bigwig takes minutes, and there are guides to getting started with RabbitMQ for many platforms.

You can start using Bigwig here.


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