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London Hacker News Meetup 25th January 2012

LShift will be attending (and sponsoring) the next London Hacker News Meetup at 6.30pm on 25th January 2012.
The venue will be the Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, near our offices in Shoreditch.

This is one of the regular meetups for readers of Hacker News, and, according to the hosts, assorted tech and
startup junkies. The meetups are described as pretty informal and a great opportunity to chat about projects,
get feedback and eat pizza and drink beer.

LShift is also looking forward to meeting talented, experienced, technologists with a broad set of skills and
itchy feet. Projects at LShift are developer-led and managed. Our developers are responsible for all aspects of
their work including architecture, design, delivery, project and account management. This, along with a relaxed
working environment and flexible conditions, makes LShift an interesting prospect for anyone weary of doing too
much of the same thing.


4 + = thirteen

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