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Xtreams framework for Squeak

At the last UKSTUG meeting, Michael Lucas-Smith presented a new streaming framework, Xtreams, that he and Martin Kobetic wrote.

He had some examples of some crazy things you can do with the framework, like writing a base64 encoder in a single method (XTReadStream >> #encodingBase64).

I’ll try give a flavour of Nicolas Cellier’s Squeak port of Xtreams. Some parts are as yet unported, and I’m not sure which parts those are because I haven’t seen the original VisualWorks code.

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Frank Shearar

Map overlays (or how to break Google Maps)

I’ve been trying to use the TfL bike hire system recently, in a vague aim to get a bit more exercise. One problem with this was that although I had a vague idea where the stops where, I wasn’t exactly sure where the boundaries were offhand. My major use case being the idea of travelling from work to wherever I’m going out in the evening via bike and wondering if that was possible. Given in most cases, I’m checking the location via Google Maps, it made sense to investigate the overlay support therein
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Tom Parker



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