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NDocProc updated for C# 2.0 with Generics

NDocProc, our small and simple .NET javadoc-like documentation generator, has been updated for C# 2.0 and Generics.

Changes since the previous announcement include:

  • Support for generics, nested types, arrays, delegates, events, and the intersection of them all.
  • Now requires .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0 to build.
  • Support for slightly more of the XML documentation language used in .NET documentation comments.
  • Better formatting of namespace pages, and summaries on the main index page.

The project homepage is here. You can download a zip of the latest version, or use mercurial to check out the repository:

hg clone
  1. Change this code in “Reflection”:
    foreach (Type t in a.GetTypes())
    if (t.Namespace == null)
    if (!namespaces.ContainsKey(t.Namespace))
    namespaces[t.Namespace] = new ArrayList();
    types[t.FullName] = t;

  2. Hi Claus,

    Thanks for the contribution! What’s the motivation behind the change?

  3. In my project, the key ‘t.Namespace’ was noy in the list. So I got an exception at ‘namespaces[t.Namespace]=….

    BTW: I always do this checking with Arrays.

  4. So, it turns out that in yet another design masterstroke, MS have decreed that null shall not be permitted as a key in an IDictionary. Thanks for the heads-up, Claus. I shall work around the issue and release another snapshot.

  5. I’ve released an update to NDocProc which fixes the bug, Claus. Please let me know if it works for you! … and thanks for the bug report.


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