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Thermostat code release

I’ve released my simple fan control program described in this entry (see also part one).

THIS CODE MAY MELT YOUR CPU – download only if you plan to read it, test it, and/or hack on it. The license makes it clear that it comes with no warranty.

I’ve already received an interesting email from Mark M Hoffman in reply to my post to the mailing list announcing it, drawing my attention to PID control loops. Looks like it could be a worthy avenue of investigation. I’ve replied with a description of one issue I see with applying a PID controller in this domain.

Paul Crowley
  1. Jan Van lent
    on 29/06/06 at 11:29 am

  2. Thanks – it’s useful to have a name for it.

    Hmm, I wonder whether anyone’s tried to apply PID control loops to dieting? I’ve already applied Kalman filters…


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