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Exporting Squeak Presentations to HTML+PNG

I’ve been using Squeak‘s BookMorph to assemble presentation materials
recently, but there’s been no way to export the presentation for the
benefit of those without a Smalltalk image – until now. I just
implemented a trivial little method on BookMorph that exports all its
pages to PNG files, and writes a small HTML index file.

Here’s one I prepared earlier:

(the presentation itself isn’t done, and won’t mean much outside LShift at the moment, but it’s enough to demo the idea.)

Here’s the method I wrote:

| fileName indexPageStream |
‘Exporting ‘, pages size printString, ‘ pages to PNG’
displayProgressAt: Sensor cursorPoint
from: 1 to: pages size
during: [:progressSetter |
pages doWithIndex: [:page :i |
progressSetter value: i.
fileName := self externalName, '_',
(i printStringLength: 3 padded: true), '.png'.
PNGReadWriter putForm: page imageForm onFileNamed: fileName.]].

indexPageStream _ FileStream newFileNamed: self externalName, ‘.html’.
indexPageStream nextPutAll: ‘…‘.
“html and javascript elided – have a look at the example.”
indexPageStream close.

  1. What’s wrong with LaTeX and Beamer then? ;-)


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