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Windows Update broke my Thunderbird, Picasa, NikonScan and EpsonScan

For about a week, I thought my EpsonScan driver was broken: whenever I selected a folder to dump my batch scans, it would just hang there on the “Browse for Folder” dialog box.

Then I noticed the same problem in NikonScan…, Picasa… and Thunderbird.

Suspicious, huh? I rummaged around and noticed that Windows Update had installed four patches about a week ago. I bit of googling suggested KB908531 might have been the culprit. So I uninstalled KB908531 through the Add/Remove Programs feature in Control Panel and ta da! my computer is usable again.

BTW, you should read [Microsoft's knowledgebase article]( before you uninstall the patch. Since those are the primary applications for my computer at home, I’ll be living (dangerously) without the patch until they fix it properly.


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