Andy Wilson

Chairman. Andy’s background is in Politics and Philosophy. He has worked with computers since 1987, acting as a Senior Technical Manager and Technical Director for a string companies from 1993 onwards. He was a founder and chairman of the UK Director Users Group (DUG) and has written regularly on Director development.


Mike Rowlands

Managing Director. Prior to joining LShift Mike worked in consulting and strategy, working with some of the best respected companies in the world as well as some hectic start-ups. He has built a number of web businesses and is responsible at LShift for helping clients build theirs.


Keith Fisher

Client Services Director. Keith’s commercial experience includes a 15 year stint in north America where he took tech companies from initial investment searches through to running international sales and support channels. Most of his technical background has involved firing high energy lasers at inanimate objects, though this changed when he became involved in medical imaging.


Peter Rolph

Starting from an MEng in Electronic Engineering, Pete has climbed the abstraction layers to LShift via a stint designing processors for ARM. He likes fast code and solid architecture but still enjoys messing around with machines and wasting time with friends in the sunshine.


Sarah Adams

Office & Finance Manager. Having left the circus at an early age she published three books on quantum physics by the age of 20 and moved into the world of musicals, staring in Evita in the west end before getting bored and giving the role to Elaine Page. She has since worked in a variety of finance roles, gathering the gamut of accounting qualifications. Having spent much of her recent working life in the property industry, she has developed her own particular style of working with suppliers. Sarah is an expert at getting things done.


Julian Burns

Programme Manager. Julian has been involved with technology companies for more than 25 years. Starting as a developer in the financial sector, he moved into project management during a 9 year spell with CMG. Since that time he has operated in a variety of senior and director level positions in medium and smaller software companies always maintaining a focus on effective project delivery.


Tim Band

Tim graduated from Oxford with a BSc (1st) in Mathematics and Computation. Since then he’s been gainfully employed writing 3D graphics engines for Playstation games, leading the development of build tools and internationalisation projects for industry leaders. For fun he works on a Guitar Amplifier Simulator and the Linux Stopmotion project.


Sam Carr

Sam originally got into programming courtesy of the ZX Spectrum, then a “pizza box” Macintosh LC, still remembered fondly. He values simplicity and elegance at every level – especially in the business domain. He prefers clean code with comments covering the whys and wherefores and will hunt you down and berate you mercilessly if your code assumes psychic abilities. Sam insists that music peaked in 1973.


Sophie Clare

Sophie was one of the founders of LShift and has worked in commercial Internet and new media agencies since 1994. She has an MSc in Multimedia Systems which focussed on interface design and development, project planning and release management. She brings this experience to ensure that projects and collaborations run smoothly.


Martin Eden

Martin is passionate and perhaps a little too obsessive about user interfaces than is healthy (just one more pixel to the right!). So long as he can write code of some sort he’s happy, but C# is where he’s most at home. He’s a little over-enamoured of the more magniloquent facets of the English lexicon, but he tries not to let this seep into his variable names.


Akos Farkas

Akos started programming at a risk management software vendor and ever since regards programming as a way to have a sneak-peak into other disciplines such as finance, statisics or trading, while having fun solving their problems. He loves succint and interactive languages, especially F# and Python, and has a constant itch to find the next book to bury himself into.


Robin Green

Robin started trying to program in BASIC on pieces of paper while still in primary school, before he even had access to a computer to try out his programs on. He is interested in declarative programming (particularly functional programming and functional reactive programming), property-based testing, and follows dependent type theory research with interest. In his spare time he tends to read a lot, on a wide variety of topics.


Anthony Harris

Whilst studying Mathematics and Actuarial Science at Melbourne University, Anthony discovered computer science. Since then, he has built and managed software ranging from 24×7 OTP systems to small internal productivity solutions. He is passionate about delivering quality products through disciplined application of effective software engineering practices.


Ashley Hewson

Ash has been programming almost continuously since the late nineties, despite the occasional frivolous distraction like reading maths at the University of Cambridge. His interest in making computing more humane has seen him hacking on everything from bootloaders to shiny HTML5 webapps. He’s also an experienced cat-herder which comes in handy on his larger open source projects.


Panagiotis Katsaroumpas

Panos has a PhD in Theoretical Physics, during which he had fun coding numeric tests for conjectures in supersymmetry, and running them on hundreds of computers on the grid. Before joining LShift he worked on .NET systems for Banking and Financial Services clients. When he is not learning a new programming language he learns how to lead in tango and salsa.


Alan Moran

Alan started out engineering things in the physical world. He changed to software engineering in the mid-nineties, by working on energy forecasting with neural networks. Since then he has worked on a great variety of software projects and technologies, including software for transplantation medicine. He is interested in bioinformatics, Python, Open Data and the open sharing of information. He holds a MSc in Software Engineering.


Michael Porter

Mike has been programming computers since his parents bought him a ZX81 too many years ago to remember. He obtained a BSc in Computation and has since worked with a wide variety of different technologies on projects including video conferencing, image processing and a range of CD/DVD-ROM titles based on a 3D model of the human anatomy.


Alexander Schmolck

Alexander is a fully qualified emacs operator who likes several obscure programming languages and films. He also used to know some cognitive science and read books, but still remembers a little about pattern recognition (he even got a PhD after he learned to stop worrying and love The Mathworks).


Jarek Siembida

While still at school Jarek’s talents in Physics and Electronic were recognised in national competitions. He has a deep knowledge of operating systems, especially Unix, and a proven ability to track down and fix problems on any level, from applications down to system libraries. His development experience includes work on projects spanning extremes of scale. He comes to LShift after working at Citrix, NewBay, Google and Sun Microsystems.


Elzbieta Siwy

Ela is a current student of Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London. Started her journey with programming when she was 15 by taking part in algorithmic competitions knowing only what a for loop is. Currently trying to gain experience in as many fields of computing as possible to find one to fall in love with. Outside of work, more then anything, she loves travelling and adrenaline.


Ceri Storey

Ceri took his first steps into the world of programming whilst still in primary school by programming graphics hacks on a ZX Spectrum. Later, he became fascinated by the world of internet protocols and Linux. Formerly a systems administrator, he enjoys working with languages such as Python and Clojure, and has interests in administrative automation, photography and spoken languages.

Shaun Taheri

Shaun joined LShift after an MSc in Computer Science, prior to which he studied for an undergraduate degree in Economics and spent three years at Centrica. He started programming on an Intel 386 in primary school using QBASIC. Since then he’s been trying to recover from its mental mutilation of GOTO statements by learning as many new languages as he can, with Julia being a particular favourite.


Alex Thomas

Alex specialises in system integration, messaging, business process management and other “programming in the large” topics. He can therefore avoid getting involved in language debates unless they mention BPEL (so far they haven’t). In the real world, he has acted as a hands-on technical architect for 60 or so integration projects using middleware and web technologies. “Lights out” automated management and monitoring of systems is a particular interest so he looks forward to the emerging ecology of cloud and IoT services with barely suppressed excitement.


Stuart Mottram

Systems Director. Stuart has degrees in Mathematics and Applied Computing and has worked as a developer since 1991 building custom web based solutions. He has also built an ISP and Web hosting company. He has experience in a wide variety of hardware, operating systems and programming languages.


Guy Strelitz

Delivery Manager. Guy chose a career in software when he realised he enjoyed it more than working in films. Having first picked up an MSc in Computing Science at Imperial College he cut code in finance, mobile telecoms and online media before focusing on project management and governance. Guy first worked with LShift as a client at the BBC. Since then he moved into consultancy and joined us as Delivery Manager, supporting our lead developers and our clients.


Elaine Lynch

Company Secretary. Elaine turned down a university place to become a nanny in the US. Her early experience in retail back in taught her about customer service and people management. She has worked in various types of agencies in administration and finance roles and has been with LShift for many years before taking on the role of Company Secretary. We call her the ‘Jill of all trades’.


David Ireland

On graduating in Mathematical and Computer Science, David began programming Signal Processing software back in 93. His enthusiasm for interactivity and cross-media publishing has taken him through projects as diverse as Interactive Learning systems and Electronic Program Guides for Cable TV.


James Uther

James started programming as a child when games were needed for the family Apple, and ended up with a PhD in Computer Science. He worked on the web when it was young, smartphones when they were new, and has done stints of system architecture and UI design & evaluation, but always gravitates towards mucking around with code. He loves seeing what he’s created bring a bit of joy to someone’s day.


David Wragg

David first joined LShift in 2007. In 2010, he departed with the RabbitMQ team to join VMware, but missed LShift so much that he returned. David has been programming since childhood, and is up for any challenge involving computers. Before LShift he lived in Russia, writing software for oil companies. He still misses the Russian winters.