Forces bolstered

After an intense drive to recruit over the last year we are proud to welcome a number of new staff. They bring a wealth of experience and talent. Guy Strelitz fills the Programme Manager role. Joining the Lead Developers are Alex Thomas, Panos Katsaroumpas, Ash Hewson, Sam Carr, Robin Green and Shaun Tehari. We are…


Lead Developer and Programme Manager sought

For those of you paying attention you will see we are advertising our regular “Lead Developer” position and we’re also now looking to fill a “Programme Manager” position, which is a rare event for us. At its heart our development model centres the focus of project management around the Lead Developer. We’re always on the…


LShift presents at Royal Academy

LShift presented one of its research projects to an audience at the Royal Academy last month.

Tomás Fano [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

LShift hosts San Sebastián

LShift was delighted to host a sizeable delegation of tech companies from the Basque region recently. The Economic Development Agency for the city of San Sebastián brought representatives from 22 companies to spend a day discussing a variety of issues and (with expert simultaneous translators on hand) pose a wide range of questions from how LShift was founded to how it sustains and develops its lead developer model.

By Daniel Lin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Software auditors for Lloyd’s of London

Lloyd’s asked us to take a look at the security design of a new gaming business that they had been asked to underwrite – this start-up has an interesting gaming model which has insured the payout of all wins over a certain value. For Lloyds, the maths works, but only if the software actually does what it should.


London Hacker News Meetup 27th June 2012

It's that time again - Hacker news is on tonight and you should go!


London Hacker News Meetup 25th May 2012

LShift will be sponsoring a fifth Hacker News monthly meetup event.


London Hacker News Meetup 26th April 2012

LShift will be sponsoring a fourth Hacker News monthly meetup event.

Project Daylight hits the news

The case management system developed by LShift for human rights charityFreedom from Torture has been featured in Computer World Uk.


London Hacker News Meetup 22nd March 2012

LShift will be sponsoring its third Hacker News monthly meetup event. Come along for more talks from London's finest hackers and tech entrepreneurs, and more talks and pizza.