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Project Daylight hits the news

The case management system developed by LShift for human rights charity Freedom from Torture, has been featured in Computer World Uk.

Work on the system started in December 2010. LShift was challenged to build a system that allowed the charity to be self-sufficient in building up client care information in an iterative, non-linear fashion, allowing incomplete data to be saved and updated over time and creating a system that they could host themselves and through which they could generate their own ad hoc reports. No existing CRM system was flexible or open enough to meet these challenges.

The system went live in May 2011, and new phases of work are in the pipeline. Freedom from Torture is inviting third parties interested in using the softwareto get in touch and help shape future development.


London Hacker News Meetup 22nd March 2012

Hacker news meetup 22nd February 2012
LShift will be sponsoring its third Hacker News monthly meetup event.
Come along for more talks from London’s finest hackers and tech entrepreneurs, and more talks and pizza.

The evening will start at 6.30pm, at Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, in Shoreditch. We’ll be there
again sporting red t-shirts.


London Hacker News Meetup 22nd February 2012

LShift will be sponsoring another Hacker News monthly meetup event.
Having been to a fair few of these types of events over the years it was clear that the Hacker News organisers
have got their formula right: the talks are generally interesting and most are technical; the mix of people is
around 50:50 technical : business; the turnout bordering on the unmanageable. Joel Spolsky has confirmed that
he’ll be speaking at the Febuary meeting.

The evening will start at 6.30pm, at Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, in Shoreditch. If you
haven’t been, you should come along and say hello.


TiCL mobile local news service now available for download

LShift has been working with TiCL on the product development for a new app and supporting server-side
system for a real-time news service. User generated news and pictures can be viewed by anyone within a
certain radius of the reporter. The viewer gets an instant impression of the social networks, businesses,
and community groups within their local area. The location-based news service is delivered via iPhone and
Android apps.

As well as the immediate benefits for small locally-based businesses, there are enormous
opportunities for larger retailers with retail promotions, for events, holidays, visitor attractions and
so on.

You can trust TiCL too. The engineering behind TiCL draws on the kind of advanced fraud-detection techniques
applied to online payments. You can ‘bank’ on a TiCL item coming from a person, in a particular location, at
the time indicated.

TiCL is now in public Beta and can be downloaded from the Apple Store
and Android Marketplace.


London Hacker News Meetup 25th January 2012

LShift will be attending (and sponsoring) the next London Hacker News Meetup at 6.30pm on 25th January 2012.
The venue will be the Central Foundation Boys School, Cowper Street, near our offices in Shoreditch.

This is one of the regular meetups for readers of Hacker News, and, according to the hosts, assorted tech and
startup junkies. The meetups are described as pretty informal and a great opportunity to chat about projects,
get feedback and eat pizza and drink beer.

LShift is also looking forward to meeting talented, experienced, technologists with a broad set of skills and
itchy feet. Projects at LShift are developer-led and managed. Our developers are responsible for all aspects of
their work including architecture, design, delivery, project and account management. This, along with a relaxed
working environment and flexible conditions, makes LShift an interesting prospect for anyone weary of doing too
much of the same thing.


LShift awarded Technology Strategy Board funding for Progressive Publishing System

LShift is proud to announce that a significant grant from the
Technology Strategy Board has been awarded for the design and development of the Progressive Publishing System (PPS).

PPS will allow authors, designers, and publishers to automatically convert existing electronic documents into standard e-publishing formats. Existing conversion processes rely on a high degree of manual intervention, require a mixture of costly, and often proprietary, software components while delivering unreliable results.

LShift, along with its project partners Mute and Minibar Ventures, applied for the funding at the beginning of 2011. We had already developed a series of in-house technologies to accelerate and automate the creation of our own documents and so joining forces with Mute (a leading arts and technology publisher) and Minibar Ventures (a highly regarded technology start-up advisor) meant that we would be guided in applying our own efforts to other publishing scenarios and have access to existing market intelligence.

With the vast range of electronic document formats, unique production workflows and various methods for handling a document’s “metadata” (information describing each document) LShift saw the development of PPS
as a complex problem well-suited to its expertise. PPS will allow developers to extend the range of supported conversion formats as they change and emerge over time. Not only will complex document structures be supported (such as tables of contents, indexes, footnotes, endnotes and image data) but so will any descriptive data associated with the document. PPS will also support and preserve the data required by direct distribution and sales platforms (Amazon, Neilsen etc.) for content creators and publishers.

Along with its extensive metadata tools, PPS will allow users to preview converted content and ‘teach’ the system custom conversion rules as idiosyncracies in authorship or materials are discovered over time. The platform will ultimately allow collaboration and document management features to facilitate contributions from individuals and groups into any point of the writing, design and editorial cycle of a document.

The system will go into private beta in February 2012 with several publishers who are active in diverse content creation and distribution channels. They include traditional book and magazine publishers through to organisations with a high-profile online presence but who wish to automate the conversion of legacy materials.


SpringSource / VMWare Acquire Rabbit Technologies

SpringSource, a division of VMware, Inc. today announced the acquisition by VMware of Rabbit Technologies, Ltd.

Rabbit Technologies is an open source software company based in the United Kingdom. SpringSource will add the RabbitMQ open messaging system into its suite of technologies that reduce the complexity associated with development, deployment and management of enterprise applications.

LShift has been involved in the development of RabbitMQ from building the first prototypes and then providing the subsequent engineering and development backbone to the project. LShift founded Rabbit Technologies Ltd alongside our partners at Monadic and CohesiveFT.

LShift EO, Mike Rowlands, said “We are intensely proud of our contribution to making RabbitMQ the market leading AMQP solution, and we welcome SpringSource’s acquisition of Rabbit Technologies as a confirmation of the quality of the software we have produced and in terms of its ongoing potential, as it will see the resources of VMWare committed to its further success.”


LShift at QCon 2010

We are pleased to be attending QCon (Conference for the Enterprise Software Development Community) in London from 10 – 12 March.

LShift, returning again with the RabbitMQ team, is particularly looking forward to meeting more talented developers.

Organised jointly by and JAOO, QCon is designed with the technical depth and enterprise focus of interest to technical team leads, architects, and project managers. There is no other event in the UK with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occuring in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, Ajax, and architecture communities.

Come and talk to us by booth number 1.


Silicon Roundabout

Wired have been updating their map of Silicon Roundabout.
Find us and our friends and neighbours.

The Silicon Roundabout was first described in July 2008 by Matt Biddulph (then CTO of Dopplr, now at Nokia).

Wired UK have since been maintaining a list of the tech companies that cluster around Old Street. LShift is pleased to be nearing it’s tenth year in the area. Note also presence of Rabbit, our partners and office mates.


We are still recruiting

LShift is looking for senior developers. If you want to join one of the most skilled and interesting technical teams around, how about submitting a CV and some code samples?

LShift is built around the idea of having a team of highly skilled developers who combine a breadth and depth of outlook and experience. We do not recruit people to slot into a particular technical role with a particular set of tools. Instead we recruit all-rounders, familiar with a broad range of technologies and environments who have a good appreciation of all aspects of software engineering. All developers are required to act as client-facing project leads, managing all technical aspects of a project from its inception through to delivery.

If you think you’d fit then please read how to apply, then use our online application form.


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