Walking from Old Street

If you’re travelling via Old Street Tube Station, take Exit 2, walk straight east along the northern side of Old Street. You should reach Rufus Street on the left within 5 minutes, after you pass the Holiday Inn Express.

Walking from Liverpool Street

The simplest route is to take the exit to Bishopsgate, turn left and walk north until you pass a church on your right, take the next left onto Old Street. Cross the road and you’ll find Rufus Street at the second turning on the right.


If you’re on a bicycle bring it upto the court yard on the first floor of Rufus Street building. If you’re on a motorbike or scooter you may be able to park in Hoxton Square. If you’re in a car there are some car parks nearby.

Getting into the office

The office is on the first floor above the restaurant called Busaba. Entrance is on Rufus Street, opposite a restaurant called Pomodoro. Once you get to the door, press the buzzer marked LShift and wait. When you hear the door released turn the handle to open the door. Call us on 020 7729 7060 if you think the buzzer is broken. Inside take the stairs (or the lift if you prefer) to the first floor, exit into the courtyard and the door to our office is on your right.