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About us

LShift is a hi-tech software development company. It is small but, we like to think, close to perfectly formed. Our company is home to some of the best developers in the UK – not only in our opinion, but in the opinion of a number of international blue chip companies who use our development and research skills.

The key to our business is simple. We create an environment that allows the best developers and engineers to work in a way which unlocks their creative potential, then we recruit the best minds we can find to work in that environment.

To the dismay of our marketing and PR consultants, our approach makes it hard to describe exactly what we do. We avoid making product endorsements or alliances except in the most exceptional circumstances. We are not trying to sell one solution or product – our skills range across the whole area of software development.

So how do we sum up LShift? We don’t. We think that anyone likely to use our services has already heard the usual claims about software excellence, return on investment and the rest. Perhaps they’ve even had their fingers burnt and have become cynical about those kind of claims, which can only be proved in practice. Instead, we’ll try to convey the real flavour of our company by telling you at least as much as you are likely to want to know about us.

Somewhere on here you should find an honest image of who we are and what we do. Hopefully you will find enough to persuade you to talk to us about becoming our next client and partner.

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