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RabbitMQ Consulting Services

LShift were the original authors of RabbitMQ, an Open Source implementation of AMQP. It was developed to improve messaging standardisation across our clients’ systems.

We’ve completed many different types of projects using Rabbit; from design and proof-of-concept through to international deployments with some of the world’s largest companies. As experienced integrators and developers of software across many industries and technologies we can help design, build and support an architecture based on any non-standardised requirements.

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Freedom From Torture

If designing and delivering 'Daylight' has one major lesson, it is that medium size systems to support complex, long-term, inter-agency care can be built without astronomic budgets or years of consultancy, development and training overhead.

Full Freedom From Torture case study

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  1. Things I wish I’d known about Google Docs

    I have had cause to write a lot of Google Docs recently, which leaves me furnished with a stock of interesting observations that others might find helpful. With no further ado...

    Sam Carr | 23 Jul 2014

  2. Optimising compilers as adversaries

    Suppose that you want to handle some secret data in C and, in the wake of some high-profile vulnerability or other, want to take precautions against your secret being leaked. Perhaps you'd write something along these lines:

    ash | 30 Jun 2014

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  1. Forces bolstered

    After an intense drive to recruit over the last year we are proud to welcome a number of new staff. They bring a wealth of experience and talent.

  2. Typesetr at the Frankfurt Book Fair

    LShift and its partners from the Leuphana Inkubator (University of Hamburg) presented Typesetr(™) to a packed session at this year's Frankfurt Bookfair during the "The Future of Higher Education and Academic Publishing" seminar.

  3. Putting RabbitMQ in the cloud

    Bigwig is now available on Heroku.

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